Four Years of Providing Your Access for Travel

Did you know: the moment you purchase a ticket to enter the world of Folklorama, you are utilizing the services of TixiT, a Manitoba born company.

TixiT is a ticketing consultancy specializing in live event ticketing. Their experience in the industry goes back 20 years, working with all types of event clients including the Centennial Concert Hall, Curling Canada, and the Reel Pride Film Festival – just to name a few.

“Helping our client maximize not only their ticket sales but more importantly, their customer’s experience is what drives us”, states owner, Marjie McMullin.

For Folklorama, moving to digital ticketing four years ago was scary, but they felt confident with TixiT.

“The Folklorama model is like no other festival model in Manitoba. Each pavilion venue comes with its own unique requirements for capacity, infrastructure and training. There was no better choice for Folklorama and its members than a local company that both understood our business model, but also cared about the community, because it was home”.

The on-site technical problem solvers are nicknamed “mobile monsters”, but they are far from that. One year they were seen hooking up an internet booster so that particular pavilion would have no problems when they opened 30 minutes later. A team member at another pavilion saw that the line-up was getting long and jumped in to help.

With the flip night (Saturday to Sunday) these teams worked pretty much around the clock to collect equipment, re-pack it and install at a new venue early the next morning.

Working behind the scenes, McMullin has truly learned what makes Folklorama so special.

“Folklorama is essential in the fabric of the Manitoba events landscape,” states McMullin. “The ability to travel the world in two weeks every August is unlike any other event in not only Manitoba but Canada. Getting an intimate view of so many cultures is such an important piece of education for all ages.”

Thank you TixiT for not only your amazing assistance but for being a part of the Folklorama family for over four years.

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