Folklorama Launches 2022 Festival Creative Designed By Deepak Malhotra


The artwork for the 2022 Folklorama Festival was created by Deepak Malhotra, a Senior Graphic Designer from Vantage Studios. We sat down with Deepak to learn more about him and what his creation means to him.

Born in Shahabad Markanda-Haryana, India, Deepak studied and achieved his Bachelor of Fine Arts in India. Having worked in many leading multinational advertising agencies like Ogilvy, JWT, Saatchi & Saatchi for 10+ years, Deepak is now with Vantage – a local Winnipeg marketing agency. His passion is Graphic design as it’s the art of creating visual content to communicate messages.

What does the artwork mean to you? 

This festival is a very prestigious festival which means a lot to me. This is the only festival in Winnipeg where people from all cultures come together on one platform to introduce their culture. I attended this festival when I came to this city three years ago. At that time, I realized how beautiful each culture is in itself. I am honoured to be able to design the theme for something that brings people together. It’s a very beautiful experience for me.

What was your inspiration?

Colours are something entwines everyone. A brushstroke that holds each color inside and the way it binds each culture is my inspiration for the design.

Thanks, Deepak, for creating this beautiful and meaningful artwork!