Discover Manitoba with Travel Manitoba

From the vibrant, endless lakes and beautiful wildlife, to exploring the deep ethno-cultural roots of events like Folklorama, Manitoba is a special place to live and visit. When visitors and locals plan their exploration of the longitudinal center of Canada, people often look to Travel Manitoba.

Travel Manitoba has been a partner to Folkorama since April 2007. Both organizations strive to support local tourism growth and promote what makes our province so beautiful – it’s the perfect pairing.

Created on April 1, 2005, under The Travel Manitoba Act, Travel Manitoba is a Crown Corporation under provincial legislation that leads and stimulates sustainable tourism growth in Manitoba’s $1.6 billion pre-pandemic tourism industry. In partnership with the tourism industry, Travel Manitoba is responsible for tourism marketing, visitor information services, research, and public information.

But did you know…Travel Manitoba helps partners like Folklorama promote their organizations 365 days a year?

“Travel Manitoba provides a province-wide platform to promote Manitoba as a premier travel destination”, says Colin Ferguson, President and CEO Travel Manitoba. “Using our platform, Travel Manitoba provides a wide variety of opportunities for the tourism industry to partner with us in marketing to consumers directly or through co-operative initiatives with local, national, and international media influencers and the travel trade. Some of these opportunities include advertising in annual print publications and featured placements on our award-winning website and social media platforms.”

“What Travel Manitoba brings to the partnership is wide-ranging”, states Teresa Cotroneo, Executive Director, Folklorama. “Not only do they offer their partners options for visibility locally, but at international conferences and conventions when Folklorama may not be physically present. Travel Manitoba represents our brands, encouraging travellers and tour companies that this is a destination not to be missed.”

Lindsay Egan, Partnership Manager at Travel Manager shares her favourite Folklorama memory.

“The Bus Tours that Folklorama puts on each year are absolutely a highlight of the festival for me”, states Egan. “Back in 2019, we boarded the bus that took us to Portugal and Ukraine, and although it’s typically the food and entertainment that stick out as memories (don’t get me wrong, we still think about the Portuguese chicken and Ukrainian perogies), this time while visiting Portugal we got a little more than the planned entertainment! Shortly after we sat, the entire room seemed to turn its attention to the entrance because who was walking in? The entire Valor FC team! One after another they poured in, dressed head-to-toe in team gear, and the room went wild. That was a special memory.”

You never know what local celebrities will walk in, but one thing is certain, promoting what makes our province extraordinary – our people – will always be a top priority for Travel Manitoba and Folklorama.

If you are interested in partnering with Folklorama, contact Kim Morphy, Director, Festival Operations & Partnerships today at