Creativity That Excites

During the Folklorama Festival, when you see a poster advertising the event, it is thanks in part to the creative geniuses at Vantage.

Founded back in 2005 by Donavan Robinson, with support from Aboriginal Business Canada, the studio first started offering graphic design and web services for small businesses. Over the years, they have established an in-house print studio and have grown to be a full-service marketing agency for international brands.

For the past eight years, Vantage has been working with Folklorama. Not only with the Festival’s creative materials, but to help establish the look and feel of the Ethno Cultural Arts programs and most recently, the Folklorama Cultural Preservation Fund.

“Folklorama feels it has the ad”Vantage” by working with the team at Vantage”, states Tanya Williams, Director of Marketing & Communications at Folklorama. “When we sit down with them to help us create the Festival look, and explain to them the importance of our ethno-cultural communities, they get it.”

“We look forward to working with the Folklorama team each and every year”, states Donavan Robinson, Vantage Founder. “Cultural diversity is so important in the workplace, and we have team members with many different backgrounds. Working with Folklorama, and attending the festival as a team, is a chance to bond over new experiences, celebrate our cultures, and recognize our shared beliefs and values.”

Vantage is also all about heart. In 2018, they created Made Here, a retail shop in downtown Winnipeg that exclusively sells products from local makers. At Made Here, 10% of all proceeds go to support local children’s charities.

In recent years, they’ve focused on supporting The Dream Factory. This charity is close to their hearts. Vantage CEO, Kyle Romaniuk, had a dream made possible by The Dream Factory after being diagnosed with cancer at age twelve.

“Supporting our community, and helping out when and where we can, has always been a priority for the Vantage team.”, states Robinson. “We encourage companies to recognize how important Folklorama is to our city and Canada as a whole. Diversity is so important in every industry and at every level of a business. Folklorama is a great way for our communities to share cultural experiences and appreciate diversity. We need to support initiatives like this when possible so that we don’t lose them.”

We couldn’t agree more! Thank you, Vantage, for your ongoing support.

If you would like to become a part of the Folklorama family, contact Kim Morphy, Manager, Partnerships & Events today by calling 204-982-6234 or e-mailing